Coyote Introduces PerfEdge Steel Landscape Edging

PerfEdge steel landscape edging from Coyote Landscape Products is the perfect solution for landscaped areas where water accumulation can occur. The perforated design allows surface water to drain from unwanted locations, keeping areas dry and usable. Use PerfEdge to permanently delineate landscape beds, walkways, and gardens from lawn areas while promoting water movement and drainage. Encouraging water flow and proper drainage helps improve plant life in landscaped areas. It also helps protect your home’s foundation from damage due to ponding water.

For landscape professionals, PerfEdge is available in 10-ft by 4-in pieces in either 20- or 16-GA thickness. Finishes include raw steel, galvanized, or one of our three EcoCoat colors: black, brown, or green. Our environmentally friendly EcoCoat process is the most earth-friendly powder coating process on the market, with virtually no VOC’s or waste byproducts released to the environment.

For DIY homeowners, PerfEdge Homekits by Coyote Landscape Products are an excellent edging solution for areas where water may accumulate. PerfEdge Homekit pieces are approximately 4 inches tall and 8 feet long and have roll top edging for safety. They come in 18-gauge thickness are available as raw steel, galvanized, or in our three EcoCoat colors. Each Homekit comes with 5 edging pieces and 15 hairpin stakes. Homekits are available for purchase directly from the Coyote Landscape Products website.

Steel landscape edging products and accessories from Coyote Landscape Products are fabricated in the USA. Because steel can is easily altered to specific lengths and bends for whatever border shape needed, designers and homeowners can achieve ultimate edging customization. Steel is an incredibly durable material, meaning products from Coyote Landscape will stand the test of time. Additionally, steel is the most recycled material on the planet, making it an environmentally friendly choice for your landscaping needs.

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About Coyote Landscape Products

As a leading supplier to the professional landscaping community, we are known for our complete line of steel edging products that are easy to install and easy to maintain. With flexible steel pieces that can be bent and shaped to fit a wide variety of projects, Coyote Landscape Products are the smart choice for busy professional landscapers.

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