Beautiful Denver Home Incorporates PerfEdge for Water Flow

Jerry McKinney recently completed building a brand-new house in the Stapleton neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. When planning the landscaping for his house, he decided to follow the lay of the land, allowing for water to move along the natural path that was there before and during the build. While he wanted to hardscape turf along with, mulch, plants, rocks, and concrete, Jerry saw the importance of allowing for water flow throughout his yard.


In order to best promote the flow of water between the yard’s various landscaped sections, Jerry incorporated galvanized roll-top PerfEdge throughout his yard. The design he created within his yard is aesthetically pleasing, with distinct separation between the various materials used in the landscape. The layout is also quite functional since the PerfEdge encourages water movement throughout the yard – something that is important in the dry, mountain climate. Boulders and large rocks were also incorporated in the landscaping to help direct the flow of water on a specific path.

We love the way this project turned out and are very thankful to Jerry for sharing it with us! Great work!

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