Different Finish Options for Coyote Products

All Coyote products are made with 100% steel that is manufactured in the USA. Our steel products are available in various thicknesses, from 20 gauge to ¼”, depending on your preference and application needs. We also offer many different finishes and colors in all of our edging sizes in order to best suit your preference. Learn more about the finish options and where they work best.

  • Galvanized: Coyote’s TerraEdge products are made of galvanized steel to prevent rust or corrosive elements from harming your landscape edging. Galvanized material is weather-resistant and requires very little maintenance.
  • Raw: Coyote’s uncoated, hot-rolled steel products. The non-galvanized, non-powder coated steel provides a natural, rugged look. Since the steel has no coating, it oxidizes and weathers to a natural finish. This patina has a rustic appearance which compliments yards very nicely.
  • EcoCoat: The powder coat finish is a superior protective coating that ensures the edging will have a long life and remain low maintenance. This product is finished using our exclusive EcoCoat™process, making it one of the most Earth-friendly edging products available. There are three different EcoCoat colors to choose from, including green, brown, and black. The colors help the product blend in or provide a contrast to surrounding natural elements.

Still have questions about our finishes? Contact us for more specific information.

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As a leading supplier to the professional landscaping community, we are known for our complete line of steel edging products that are easy to install and easy to maintain. With flexible steel pieces that can be bent and shaped to fit a wide variety of projects, Coyote Landscape Products are the smart choice for busy professional landscapers.

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