Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase your edging?

Coyote edging products are sold across the country and are available through our distributor network.  Please see our distributor page to locate an outlet near you.

How much does your edging cost?

Coyote Landscape Products manufactures a broad line of edgings that will fit into any budget.  From economical to premium Coyote has a product that will meet you requirements.

Do I need to purchase stakes for my edging?

Stakes are included with our EcoEdge™ and ToughEdge™ products.  For our other product you will need to purchase hairpin stakes that can be found on our  Edge Stakes page.  You can also purchase extra stakes for the painted edging, these can be found on our Edge Stakes page as well.

How do I determine how much edging I need for my project?

For strait runs just use a tape measure from point to point.  If your design has bends or curves, lay out your design with a string, rope or even a garden hose.  Once you have the desired design, straighten out the rope or line and measure the length.  For 10’ EcoEdge™ or ToughEdge™, you will need to divide your total length by 9.33 to determine the number of pieces that you need, for 16’ ToughEdge™ you will need to divide by 15.33, for ExpandEdge™ divide by 4, for all other products divide by 10.

How do I install the edging?

Our specification sheet provides detailed instructions.

What is the best way to cut Coyote Edging?

A hacksaw with a metal blade.  For our ToughEdge™ product a chop saw may be required.

What different finishes are available?

Our TerraEdge™, PerfEdge™, and ExpandEdge™ product are available in a plated, corrosion resistant, finish. Our EcoEdge™ and ToughEdge™ products are available in green, brown or black powder coat finish.  Any of our edging products are also available in a “Raw Finish”.  This finish does not prevent rust and is used when a natural look is desired.


Do your products resist rusting?

With the exception of our “Raw Finish” products or RawEdge™, all of our products are coated to resist rusting. Over the course of time any metal product will rust to some degree. Our coatings are intended to extend the life of the steel that they are protecting.

Can I bend your edging?

Yes.  However, the thinner the edging the more flexible the edging, for a tighter radius a thinner piece of edging will be required.

What if I have areas in my yard that tend to collect water?

That is why we have created our PerfEdge™ and ExpandEdge™ products.  You can use these products in conjunction with our standard TerraEdge™ product in those areas where water accumulates.  The drainage voids in these products allows surface moisture to pass through and will mitigate standing water problems.

What about maintaining your product?

Coyote Landscape Products requires LITTLE to NO MAINTENANCE.  Take care to set the height of the edging below the height of your lawnmower blade in areas that will be mowed.  If an area heaves due to ground frost. use a wood block and a mallet to pound that area back into place.  Surface scratched can be easily touched up with spray paint.  Otherwise, once installed your Coyote Edging Products should provide many years of maintenance free service.

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