How to Prevent Hellstrip

Hellstrip is a term used to define a small strip of grass near the street – or between the street and sidewalk/curb – that is hard to maintain due to salt that is spread on the roads during cold months, storm water drainage, public access and pets. This area is notoriously hard to maintain due to the brutal conditions it is subjected to throughout the year. This can be frustrating to not only homeowners, but also commercial spaces such as parks.

Below are some common ways to reduce your effort and costs on maintaining these areas:

  • Use steel edging to separate your landscape and the road or sidewalk. This will create a clear delineation and could keep salt, snow and storm water drainage from the roads at bay.
  • Take out the landscape (or grass) and replace it with rock or composite granite. This is commonly referred to as hardscaping and wouldn’t necessarily prevent storm water, pets or pedestrians – but those conditions would have no effect on that area.
  • Use shrubs that will deter people and pets from walking on that area. If you use small shrubs, make sure you have a clear walking space for pedestrians and pets – such as a sidewalk.

With as hard as it is to maintain hellstrip, it offers many benefits to an area such as improved drainage and curb appeal. Don’t fall victim to hellstrip, and use the above tips to keep your landscape maintained all year long.

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