Acme Manufacturing Company Inc. Announces New Name of its Steel Landscape Edging Division

Acme Manufacturing Company, Inc., producer of perforated angle, struts, metal shapes, and threaded rod, has revved up it’s marketing and branding to introduce a new name for their landscape edging division: meet Coyote Landscape Products Company.

Part chuckle to the whimsy of the Warner Brothers “Roadrunner” cartoon franchise, and part nod to the more serious movement towards embracing environmental stewardship, Acme chose its trademark canine because of the animals adaptability.

“Coyotes are comfortable in many different environments, “ said Marc Langlee, Coyote Landscape Products Company’s Sales Manager.  “Like its namesake, the products are well-suited to any landscape design, whether it’s a desert xeriscape or a lush garden.”

While saying “Coyote Landscape Products” in the same breath as “Acme Manufacturing Company, Inc”, one naturally can’t help but smile when they realize the relationship to the cartoon. Inevitably, an image of Wile E. Coyote strapped into a jet-propelled backpack emblazoned with the Acme stencil, and wearing a trooper-style aviator earflap hat and machinist goggles comes to mind. But the jest evaporates when the facts about the steel edging products’ environmental sustainability are revealed.

According to Langlee, “Every piece of Coyote edging contains at least 70% recycled material.”

Furthermore, the steel edging is given a tough powder coat finish.  EcoCoat™ is Coyote Landscape Products’ highly specialized, environmentally-friendly powder coating process, which produces low VOCs and waste, in a highly energy efficient manner. This special coating gives the product a longer life with less need for maintenance. Plus, it is 100% recyclable.

Coyote Landscape Products Company is a division of Acme Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Go ahead, it’s okay to giggle.

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