Plaforization. What is it?

Plaforization. What is it?

Before any metal can have any coating applied, it must be thoroughly cleaned to remove surface oils and other contaminates that would mar the powder coating. Conventional methods of cleaning generally use multiple hot water rinses or are treated with iron phosphates (mainly used as an ingredient in garden pesticides.)

As a result, harmful runoff is produced, which has to be drained into a holding tank, or worse yet, the sewer.

A specialized process called plaforization provides a simple, disposal-free solution for pre-treating metal. There is no water rinse involved, so no wastewater is produced. This organic pretreatment system is a truly one-step process to clean, passivate and seal metal surfaces before applying a topcoat.

The plaforization process is conducted with low vapor pressure, emitting virtually no VOCs.  There is no water rinse involved, so no wastewater is produced. No sludge is created; nothing is added to a landfill. The process contains no halogenated compounds, ozone-depleting compounds, carcinogens, mutagens, or hazardous air pollutants.

Plaforization is one more step in the ongoing quest to create a remarkably durable product that can withstand the elements and still promote a healthy environment.

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