Lawn Drainage for Humid and Rainy Conditions

Living in a humid, rainy area can be hard on your lawn, foundation, and plants. It’s important to understand your lawn’s drainage system as well as which plants and turf work best in this environment. Learning how to prepare for lawn drainage in humid and rainy conditions is essential for a healthy lawn.

Why is drainage so important?

Plant Life

First and foremost, make sure you buy plants and grass that work well in your climate. Trees, plants, and turf that quickly soak up moisture work especially well in rainy areas. If you do not have plants with those attributes, it could lead to root rot and potentially dead plants.


Sitting water in your lawn may result in “buggy” issues including an abundance of mosquitoes – which is never fun when you are trying to enjoy your time outside.

Home Structure

If any sitting water is near your home’s foundation, you could have issues with water seeping into your home and causing mold problems, or ruining your foundation altogether.

Check out our tips below to make sure you get your drainage under control:

Identify your problem

Spend a few rainy days observing your lawn and drainage. Answer these questions to help determine the issue:

  1. Does water drain into your yard from a specific source? For example, your roof, a neighbor’s yard, etc.
  2. Does water sit in specific areas after it rains?

If you answered yes to either of the above questions, consider installing a French drain. This is a great way to divert water throughout your yard.

Test Your Soil

A soil test should help determine what works best for your drainage issues. Many areas are clay-heavy which forces water build up making it harder to permeate the soil. Heavy clay in the soil also makes it hard for water to drain properly due to its consistency. Sometimes mixing organic matter throughout your yard helps break up and soften the clay.


Products allowing natural drainage to flow in and out are a perfect fit for rainy areas. Coyote Landscape Products’ PerfEdge is a great option for areas where water accumulation can occur because the perforated design allows surface water to drain. This steel edging will keep your lawn dry and usable throughout the year.

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