Functional yet Aesthetic Steel Edging for a Custom Lakehouse

Coyote Raw Steel Edging Alabama Lakehouse

Adam Thompson’s Guntersville Lake House in Alabama

Adam Thompson recently completed the landscaping for his 2015 custom built home on Guntersville Lake in Alabama. For this project he preferred complimentary tones, so he chose brick and cedar finishes for the exterior of the house. Raw steel was then selected for the landscape edging because it turned a rusty, dark orange color once it weathered. This best matched the look and colors on the house, as well as the pine straw used in the landscaping.

The installation process was very straightforward and easy to complete. 8-foot steel edging sections with a four-inch height were installed; only about one inch was actually pushed into the ground so the edging would be visible as a decorative yet functional aesthetic. Because the 16-gauge pieces are bendable by hand, custom curves were created to match the organic flow of the sidewalk and mulch bed edges.

Coyote Landscape Products Raw Steel EdgingThe entire installation required no cutting of the 8-foot pieces –overlaps were adjusted when necessary in order to accommodate the length. Using stakes and overlapping pieces during installation also added an element of uniformity to the design. Like the appearance of brackets used to mount half round gutters, the connections between the edging pieces and stakes were both structurally and visually appealing.

One of the benefits of using a metal landscape product rather than plastic is the sturdiness. While this homeowner chose raw steel because it eventually weathered to match his house, other homeowners may prefer to use painted or galvanized steel to match their personal home and landscaping designs.

Adam plans on using Coyote Landscape Products for future landscape enhancements on his beautiful home and lake property. The attention to detail on the design aspects of this house and landscaping, combined with the growing popularity of the weathered raw steel look made for a beautiful final project. Thank you, Adam, for letting us visit your home!

Custom Alabama Lake House Raw Steel Landscape Edging

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