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Trees are a beautiful part of any landscaped area, adding dimension and shade. Creating an edged area around trees helps protect them from damage that may occur during mowing or lawn and landscape maintenance. Adding mulch around a tree also helps deter weeds while keeping moisture in the soil below. By removing the grass around trees, it gives them a better chance to retain moisture since they will not have to compete with the grass for it. Landscape edging creates a clean, distinct barrier between two different types of landscaping materials such as grass and mulch.

ArborEdge tree ring sections keep trees healthy and separated from the rest of the lawn, preventing erosion and damage to the tree trunk and surrounding soil. These sections can be used to create tree rings in diameters between 3 and 5 feet to accommodate for various sized trees. Be sure to protect the roots when you are beginning to dig the trenches to install any edging, as these are the most important part of the tree.

Adjoin tree ring sections together to create larger tree ring diameters. Three of our 4-foot ArborEdge sections can be combined to create a 3-foot diameter ring, four sections will create a 4-foot diameter ring, and 5 sections will create a 5-foot diameter ring. For circles larger than 3-feet in diameter, each 4-foot section must be relaxed to accommodate for the intended diameter. Care must be taken when adjusting the bend of the sections to ensure a symmetrical ring when installed. If these options won’t work for a project, we can create custom tree rings to fit irregular sizes – be sure to contact us for any custom project needs.

ArborEdge tree ring sections are available uncoated or powder coated in three color options to match your landscape location: black, brown, and green. These options also match our EcoEdge and ToughEdge products, so you can have matching landscape edging throughout your yard. Available sizes are 4” or 6” tall by 4’ long for thicknesses of 12 GA, 14 GA, 1/8”, 3/16”, and 5” or 6” for 1/4” thick pieces.

As with all our edging options, ArborEdge tree rings are made out of durable, recyclable steel. It resists frost heave, ground movement, and withstands routine landscape maintenance with its uniform thickness and height. Steel landscape edging installs quickly and easily. Dual punch out pockets for interlocking stakes allow stakes to be driven down in a straight line. ArborEdge is one of a variety of accessories to help ensure flawless installations in a wide array of terrain.

Contact us with any questions about purchasing or installing ArborEdge tree rings sections.

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