The EcoCoat™ Finishing Process

Coyote Landscape Products commitment to making a sustainable product is one of the strongest in the industry.

An example of this is our EcoCoat™ finishing process for our painted steel edging.  We have approached every aspect of the manufacturing process to reduce byproduct, cut hazardous emissions and reduce our carbon footprint.

Rather than the standard hot water rinse and phosphate pretreatment, we use a process called plaforization.  This is a single step pretreatment that is applied at ambient temperature.  Using this process we eliminate waste water and effluent, VOC emissions, solid waste and the energy used to heat the gallons of water wasted using a standard pretreatment.

We use state of the art spraying equipment and recycle the overspray that is produced when coating the parts. We cure our parts using infrared curing ovens. Additionally, we capture the waste heat from the infrared ovens and channel it to our part drying ovens further reducing our energy usage.


“Because radiation rather than convection or conduction transfers heat, only the surface of the part and the powder must be heated rather than the whole part. The IR oven has no blowers or fans like a convection oven and thereby uses much less electricity and natural gas, depending on product mix, than convection ovens.  The technology is also environmentally friendly and can help reduce emissions.”
-Industrial Technologies Program,  Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy – U.S. Department of Energy