Why Coyote?

Why Coyote?

High Quality, Adaptable Steel Landscape Products

Coyotes are comfortable in many different habitats. They range from Alaska to New England and South into Mexico.  They are found in the desert, on the grasslands, in the foothills and even in and around large cities.

Like its namesake, Coyote Landscape Products are adaptable.  It is a suitable addition to any landscape design, be it a desert xeriscape or a verdant garden.

Coyote brand lawn edging / landscape edging provides the durability and flexibility that only steel edging can offer.  Thin, flexible steel strips will bend and shape to accommodate any design ideas.  The durability of steel will ensure that your landscape design will maintain its original appearance for a long time. Additionally, Coyote brand offers an array of products to meet specific design requirements.

Coyote brand edging is plated or powder coated to protect from corrosion.  It is available in colors that will compliment any landscape.  It is also available in raw steel for a natural appearance.

Coyote products are manufactured with recycled product using the most environmentally friendly process available, and our exclusive EcoCoat™ finish.

Easy to install, easy to maintain, easy on the earth, and easy to look at, Coyote is the superior choice for lawn edging, garden or flowerbed borders or anywhere your imagination takes you.